FirstDown PlayBook Player App Is Live

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 11, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook Has Over 35,000 Plays

The FirstDown PlayBook Player App is now available for all FirstDown PlayBook Team Memberships. There is also a FastBreak PlayBook App. I will get to the instructions about how you and your players can download it at the bottom of this blog. Before I get to that, I want to point out just how much FirstDown PlayBook has improved over the past year.

A head coach said to me the other day. “FirstDown PlayBook has really improved over the past several years, hasn’t it?” I was quick to point out that it has, just like a football team improves if the coaches are working hard to improve it every day.

Consider the list of things that FirstDown PlayBook has added over the past year.

  1. Stencils/Templates that allow coaches to save their drawings saving them a ton of time.
  2. The ability to create practice schedules right on FirstDown PlayBook.
  3. Coaches now can create their text wristband sheets right on FirstDown PlayBook too.
  4. Practice cards have always been a huge deal with our coaches and now a script is printed out with your cards.

Of course one of our huge additions has been the video paring functionality. Coaches are now installing their game plans with a video clip or two right on FirstDown PlayBook. You no longer have to tolerate a subpar playbook tool just to present your installations in a professional manner. The time we save you here is also significant.

It’s not hard to see how all of this feeds right into the new FirstDown PlayBook Player App, right? It gets back to the old saying “It isn’t what you know. It’s what your players know that matters.” Our FastBreak PlayBook Player App brings the same advantages to our hardwood coaches.

New FirstDown PlayBook Video Pairing

Video Pairing

All of these new tools and many others that I have not mentioned now allow you to teach just like an NFL coach. I can say that because I was one for nine years. You now have the same tools, if not better, than what NFL coaches use each and every week in the fall.

We are not finished yet either. Before you start practice this summer, FirstDown PlayBook will release a Scouting Report feature. This will allow you to present professional-looking depth charts and opponent tendencies to your team. Just one more powerful feature your players will be able to access from the new FirstDown PlayBook Player App.

Want to know the best thing about this? FirstDown PlayBook has not raised our price throughout all of this. All of the video storage, along with the new technology, has come at no extra cost to you. Kind of unheard of, right?

There is no limit to the number of players you can put on FirstDown PlayBook. Feeder programs? No problem. Multi-year contracts? No such thing. You sign up for a year or half-year membership with no obligation after that time period.

So yes, FirstDown PlayBook has come a long way and you are the beneficiary, but only if you take another look. Simply put, we have listened to coaches every step of the way. You have guided us to this point and that will not change. Let’s get started with the new FirstDown Player App. Click on the image above to get download instructions.

Chad Johnson