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By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 9, 2022
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We were about to shut down our new features for the 2022 football season and why not? If you have not kept up with the all of new things FirstDown PlayBook has provided for coaches since last season then you are missing it. It is a lot. Just as we were about to move on, someone in the room stuck their hand up and said, “Hey, what about text wristband sheets?”

Think You Have Seen FirstDown PlayBook? Think Again.

At first it did not make a lot of sense because we had made a commitment to focus on practice this year with our features. We were going to come back with wristband sheets and game plans next season. Wristband sheets are not new to FirstDown PlayBook. In fact, we are the industry leader in providing this for the NFL Flag football coaches out there.

Of course this is a different kind of wristband sheet. FirstDown PlayBook coaches allows a flag football coach to put the players & play right on the sheet. Anyone who has coached young flag football players understands the power of this. The sheets we are talking about allow a coach to put the actual play call right on the wristband.

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When we asked our developers who bring you all of this technology, they said “Yeah, we can probably fit a text wristband sheet feature in. The more we thought about it, the more we understood that it would be a powerful addition for 2022. Not only for the fall, but also for the 7on7 seasons that are about to dominate practice fields across the country.

So today we introduce one more important coaching tool for our FirstDown PlayBook coaches. This is one that will get used immediately as you prepare for your 7on7 tournament this weekend. It will also save you countless hours this fall.


Now You Can Print Your Text Wristband Sheets Right On FirstDown PlayBook!
Now You Can Print Your Text Wristband Sheets Right On FirstDown PlayBook!