Stop Re-Drawing Your Practice Cards

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 4, 2022

The fact that some football coaches spend way too much time drawing practice cards is just…well, a fact. Some of it is self inflicted. Face it. Some coaches like to draw cards because it makes them feel like they are a coach. This is misguided but it is true. Other coaches draw cards over and over because they know of no other way.

These are the coaches that we want to help. Back in 2008 and 2009, newly named Denver Bronco head coach, Nate Hackett was our Quality Control coach at the Buffalo Bills. Trust us when we say that Nate is a sharp dude. He figured it out very quickly. He knew that he was going to need a system that let him easily re-use his practice cards during the season.

What FirstDown PlayBook has done for you is that we are giving you the same capabilities. You just don’t have to create some complex computer system like Nate did in Buffalo. In fact, we guarantee you that Nate wished he had this system when he was a quality control coach.

Stop. Before You Delete One Practice Card…Read This

The reason we are bringing it up today is that many of you are preparing your practice card system for next season. If you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach we want you to take a look at this video before you delete even one practice card. There may be a better way.

If you are not a FirstDown PlayBook coach, we know you should watch this. This system will save you so much time and it allows you to actually focus on other things. Things that will help you grow as a coach and help the team you are coaching.

Remember To Keep It Simple & Don’t Out Cute Yourself

Once again, you don’t get to be the head coach of the Denver Broncos by being inefficient with your time. So before you go back in your coaching “man-cave” and draw, excuse us…re-draw the same cards again next season, take a look at this. There is a better way.