FirstDown PlayBook™ Reviews by Football Coaches

“FirstDown PlayBook has been such a life and time saver! It gives so many ideas and I mix what I want with what FirstDown PlayBook has. If you want to move quicker and be more efficient, FirstDown PlayBook is the secret sauce!”

Angellica Grayson

College Flag Football Coach & Pioneer

I’ve used FirstDown PlayBook at my current spot, North Caddo High School, for the past 3 seasons. We went to the quarterfinals this season for the first time in school history. We scored 43 points per game. We won our 3rd district championship in a row. FirstDown PlayBook played a HUGE part in that success.

C. Reagan Smith

Offensive Coordinator, North Caddo High School, LA

FirstDown PlayBook Review: Fran Johnson

“I needed a playbook that was interactive and that could be as detailed and in-depth as I wanted/needed it to be. FirstDown PlayBook was exactly what I was looking for!  I’ve had experience with other online playbooks, and all of them fail in comparison!  FirstDown PlayBook is extremely user-friendly and has limitless capabilities in building […]

Fran Johnson

Offensive Coordinator, Texas Wesleyan University

“The brilliance of FirstDown PlayBook is its simplicity. It has an easy-to-use interface and an ability to stimulate new strategic ideas.”

Nate Hackett

Offensive Coordinator - New York Jets

“FirstDown PlayBook is the best playbook I’ve used. It’s really easy to print out and transfer to wristbands. I like the fact we can print full playbooks and and send them out to kids and parents. My team is headed to New Jersey to play in the regional championship. If we win, we’ll be going […]

Kevin Hull

West Baltimore Upnexxt Ravens

“When I began using FirstDownPlayBook last offseason, I was blown away. I was designing our new defensive playbook within minutes and knew that I had a winner with all of its available resources. I immediately called our youth president and told him that they need this for our youth program!”

Mike Cross

Defensive Coordinator - Elk River High School, MN

“FirstDown PlayBook is an essential practice & game planning tool that we use to drive efficiency, especially when you have limited time between the previous game & preparing for the next opponent. The easy-to-use software allows our team to quickly create scout defense play cards with existing templates as well as expanding our offensive playbook.”

Roderick Wheeler

Offensive Coordinator - George Washington High School, IN

“FirstDown PlayBook helped me install and teach our new 3-5 defense in 2020.  The play drawing tools were simple to learn and made it easy to draw up each look.  With no ability to meet in person inside, the slides I created helped my defense understand their responsibilities and learn our scheme virtually. The results […]

Aaron Jones

Defensive Coordinator - Fairview High School, CO

“I highly recommend FirstDown PlayBook for all levels of football coaches. I have been using this platform for 2 years and I believe it has helped us produce the best team production in my tenure as the head football coach of Daphne High School. FirstDown PlayBook is easy to navigate and full of knowledge. Great […]

Kenny King

Athletic Director/Head Coach - Daphne High School, AL

“I’m involved in a small, homeschool 8-man football program. We were winless in our first season with a group of inexperienced players. Our second season produced two wins and FirstDown PlayBook was a major contributor to that success. The wealth of knowledge and information that’s available is mind-blowing.”

Daniel Smith

Offensive Coordinator - East Central Patriots 8-Man, AL

“FirstDown PlayBook is amazing. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the work you put in all year long. It allows me to compile a continuous catalog of game plan ideas. The drawing tools save so much time and we all know in the coaching profession, time is of the essence. FirstDown PlayBook is a must-have at […]

Calvin Lowry

Running Backs Coach - Middle Tennessee State University

“FirstDown PlayBook was a significant factor in our success offensively with a team composed of first year players. Our playbooks needed to evolve weekly as our skillset changed. FirstDown PlayBook gives you all the tools needed to effectively create, edit and install offenses and defenses for every age group and talent level.”

James Coates

Winter Park Tigers Youth Football, FL

“We will rely on FirstDown PlayBook as we make transitions from flag football through instructional tackle to competitive youth football in preparation for high school play. Coaches are learning our system and can easily provide visual cues of our offense, defense, and kicking game schemes in practice, in the huddle, and on the sidelines.”

Alphonse Falco, Jr.

Roxbury Jr. Gaels Football, NJ

“FirstDown PlayBook has always been a great reference tool. Now that they’ve got the ability to edit their plays, it’s a no brainer.”

Harold Goodwin

Assistant Head Coach/Run Game Coordinator - Carolina Panthers

“I’m a new middle-school coach tasked with laying the foundation for an already excellent varsity program. FirstDown PlayBook is helping my assistant coaches and me break down the varsity schemes into a progressive system that our younger players can easily move through.”

Marc Kenyon

Head Coach - Amherst Middle School, WI

“FirstDown PlayBook provides a user-friendly method for developing playbooks and making edits. For the perfectionist coach that likes to be organized, this tool is a must-have.”

Odell James

Assistant Coach - Corsicana High School, TX

“FirstDown Playbook has enabled us to work efficiently and has allowed us to create scout cards and game plan presentations from resources already provided. The wealth of knowledge and expertise from this program has allowed us to create an innovative learning environment for our athletes. “

Ken Benoit

Assistant Coach - Mission High School, TX

“With FirstDown PlayBook, building a comprehensive playbook has never been easier than it is now. The program is simple to learn and simple to use. With FirstDown PlayBook, you have easy access to your online playbook, as well as your hard copy playbook if you choose. Adding color, notes, play grids, and much more brings […]

Cameron Cox

Offensive Coordinator - Refugio High School, Texas

““FirstDown PlayBook is the best play creation tool we have ever used. Not only is the design intuitive but the support the company provides is second to none. There is a wealth of football plays and functionality in their system that makes you look forward to learning.”

Brett Cotter

Head Coach - Albertus Magnus High School, NY

“The guys that I coach with will be the first to tell you that I am not very tech-savvy.  But with FirstDown PlayBook, I was able to put our playbook together and share with everyone.  FirstDown PlayBook is exceptionally easy to navigate and use, I highly recommend giving it a try.”

Keith Zimmerman

Offensive Coordinator - Nottingham High School, NJ