6 Month Team Memberships Available

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 25, 2023
Wasting Time

One of the main ways FirstDown PlayBook is “Coach Driven” is a simple one. We consistently listen to what coaches have to say and what they need. This is the origin of the FirstDown PlayBook 6 Month Team Memberships.

A FirstDown PlayBook 6 Month Team Membership is exactly what it says it is. Coaches can now get their entire coaching staff, all of their team and feeder programs started with FirstDown PlayBook for just $400.00.

This has been requested by coaches who wanted to get started with FirstDown PlayBook this time of the year. After all, this is the time you should be working on playbook things like installations and practice schedules. It allows you to begin your preparation with an organized playbook. This means all three phases too, including the much neglected special teams.

This way if you need to a coach can break the payment method up into installments, if you will. Many coaches have money that may not have been spent on last years budget. A coach can actually pay for this themselves while they wait for their school to approve the purchase. Lest’s be honest, $400.00 is money well invested. Especially when you think of all of the time and misery a 6 Month Team membership can save your coaches with offense, defense and special teams prep.

This Includes Video Pairing & The New Players App

Remember that this is still a FirstDown PlayBook “Team” membership. That’s important because it still comes with the new Video Pairing feature. It will also include the FirstDown PlayBook Players App that will be released in the next few months. When you think about that and also the value of the coaching tools like wristband sheets and practice schedules, it’s easy to understand the value.

Your Number Of Coaches & Players Is Unlimited With A FirstDown PlayBook 6 Month Team Membership

6 Month Membership

This is also welcome news for youth football and flag football programs. You might be surprised at how many youth and flag football leagues are smart enough to jump on a FirstDown PlayBook team account. This saves all of their volunteer coaches money.

Do the math. If you have ten teams in your youth football league, you can get them all on FirstDown PlayBook for $40.00 a team. These teams would all have separate private areas that only their coaches and players could see. This is also an appealing way to go for directors who want to keep up with what is being taught. After all, they are responsible for their young Pop Warner players.

So spring ball is about to start. Don’t waste all of the work you are about to do. Get it in an organized playbook and install system with a FirstDown PlayBook 6 Month Team account. You can get started with playbook technology and tools that will make every coach on your team or in your organization better.

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