Coach, Can You Put A $ Value On Your Time?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 20, 2023
Regardless of if you coach college football, high school football, youth football or flag football there is a $ value on your time.

Quick. Right now. Can you quickly give me an accurate dollar number for how much an hour of your time is worth? I am talking to all of you. College football coach, high school football coach, youth football coach and you, the flag football coach.

We often think that a college football coach and a Pop Warner coach are very different. Or that the NFL Flag coach and college women’s flag football coach invest very differently with time and money when they coach. Wrong.

Maybe the amount of time you put into the preparation for your team is different but that’s not the complete story. If you are a young parent who has to spend time away from your family as you toil over impossible flag football wristband sheets at 10:30 in the evening, you are paying a lot for each hour you do this.

If you are an entrepreneur who makes pretty good coin but you take 3 hours out of your day to scour the internet for good youth football plays, how much does that three hours cost you? FirstDown PlayBook makes it easy to find base plays and trick plays for your team.

Finally, what about a good young high school or college football coach who spends all of their time inefficiently drawing scout team cards instead of attending meetings and learning football? This kind of expense is the kind that unfortunately keeps on charging.

There are so many ways to come at the topic of time. In football terms, an hour of your life is critical with your preparation. If you do not understand this then you are not really trying to coach the game well.

The beautiful thing about football and life is that we all get 24 hours in a day. Odds are that Nick Saban is a lot richer than you, but you know what? He can’t buy one second more of time than what you have in a day.

Time is everyone’s currency in life. Dig deep into the foundation of FirstDown PlayBook and you will find this core philosophy. We save you time as you try to coach football.

Coaching youth football or flag football can lead you deep down a time rabbit hole. You think you are going to surf the net to find ideas. Yeah, you find them, but what do you find? Who’s ideas are they? Your next door neighbors? How long did it take to find them?

Once you find these “ideas”you have to draw them up and then present them to your team. PlayBooks and wristband sheets? Once again we are back to the word “time”.

So how much is an hour of your time worth? $15 an hour? $45 an hour? Maybe more?

This is why, at the heart of it all FirstDown PlayBook is about more than football. It is about helping you get your football work done better and faster. FirstDown PlayBook is about you and your time. Check it out.