6 Month Full Team Account Gets You To December

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 3, 2024
6 Month Full Team Account For High School Football & Youth Football

Stop and think about it. if you were to get on board with a FirstDown PlayBook 6 month Full Team account in the month of June, this would get you and your team into the month of December. This means you would have all of the extras that come with a Full Team account. We are talking to high school football programs and youth football programs alike.

This means your football team or league would benefit from the Player App that was so popular last season. It also means that you have access to 25G’s of MP4 video storage which is more than enough to last you into December.

If you go this route with a FirstDown PlayBook 6 month Full Team account you have essentially equipped your team and all of your feeder programs for $400. A FirstDown PlayBook Single User account is priced at $200. There is power in numbers when it comes to FirstDown PlayBook accounts.

A FirstDown PlayBook 6 Month Full Team Account Will Get Your High School Football Program Or A Youth/Flag Football League Into December. This Has Huge Value.

It’s not just the numbers either. Your players are now learning with the same technology that NFL and major college football programs use. Practice schedules, wristband sheets and the all important scout team cards are all at your fingertips. We are also adding scouting reports to Full Team accounts later this month.

Your Editable Formations & Defenses Are Already Drawn

We understand it’s that time of the year when coaches, athletic directors and youth league directors are balancing this years fiscal budget and planning for the next fiscal calendar. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we work hard to make your budget work. We have looked at many ways to tailor our football playbook to fit as many needs as possible.

Finally, here’s the question we always get about a 6 month account all the time. “Will our work still be there in the future when we come back?” Short answer is yes. We never delete any coach’s work. So if you think you might be in the market for a 6 month Full team account, email us or call us at (512) 814-6158.

Chad Johnson on FirstDown PlayBook