You Never Lose Your PlayBook Work

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 14, 2024
Never Lose Your Work

The question has always been there and it is comes from all areas of football coaches. “Does FirstDown PlayBook allow you to keep your playbooks if I change accounts? What if I let my account go inactive?” Here is our pledge to you: Coaches: you will never lose your PlayBook work.

Let me explain. If you have a FirstDown PlayBook membership and you let it go inactive for awhile, that is no problem at all. When you decide to come back to use FirstDown PlayBook later, all of your playbook work will be there waiting for you.

Are you a coach who gets another job and you need to change your email address? We have an answer for that too. Your plays and playbooks can be transferred over immediately. This is an insurance policy on your offense, defense or special teams portfolio.

“Never Lose Your PlayBook Work” Is Not A Slogan. It’s Policy

Here at FirstDown PlayBook this is rule number one when it comes to football coaches and their playbook work. No football coach likes it when they have to do the same drawings over. This is especially true when it is because the first drawing were somehow lost.

If you are a coach who is going from a Single User to a Full Team account, FirstDown PlayBook can assist you with transferring your work as you upgrade. We can also transfer your work from a Full team account to a Single User account if you gert a new job. We just need to work out the logistics with you and your head coach.

Four Time National Champions. That’s Hard to Do.

FirstDown PlayBook understands our profession and the movement that comes with it. How? We know these things because we are football coaches. This means you too flag football coaches. Your work is protected too. Click here to watch this short video to see other things FirstDown PlayBook does for you.

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