3 Football Program Management Mistakes To Avoid

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 2, 2023
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Becoming a head football coach can be one of the most challenging jobs out there to do well. Why? Because there are so many football program management system mistakes that can bite a young head coach squarely in the rear. Most head football coaches get the job based on their football knowledge, not their management skills. Once they step into the head coach role it’s a whole new world.

Admittingly, this is no different than any other profession. However, many football coaches arrive unprepared for what they are about to deal with. There are so many things that eat away minutes and hours in a day that some head coaches just concede that they don’t have time for the football part.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we know that we cannot (no one can) do anything to change any of this. Head football coaches will always be pulled in many different directions. What we can do though is help a head coach with a football program management system. One that frees up the entire staff to help with the entire process.

Here are three head coach management mistakes that FirstDown PlayBook can help you avoid…

Program Management System? Huh? What’s That?

The worst mistake a young head football coach can make is to ignore the responsibility they just took on. You are now in charge of organizing and leading other adults and young people. You will need to layout an infrastructure that accounts for everything from how to block a 3 technique to travel for away games.

FirstDown PlayBook can’t help you with your travel plans, but we can free you and your assistants up to have more time to do it. If you don’t have a football program management system in place everyone will ultimately not have enough time. This will eventually eat your program up from inside out. Your winter football clinic won’t help you at this point.

FirstDown PlayBook Program Management System

Using A Hammer To Tighten A Screw

This is quite possibly the most common mistake at the high school football level right now. There are many high school football coaches who are trying to use Hudl as a tool to manage their football program. This is a mistake. Hudl is a great video exchange and video study tool, but using it to manage your football program is like using a hammer to tighten a screw. Good coaches understand this.

FirstDown PlayBook understands what a football coach’s day looks like. Video study is only a small part of it. The grunt work of game plan installation, scouting reports, scripting, practice schedules, and scout team cards, to just name a few, is what eats up a football coaches day (and night). This is all on top of the teaching responsibilities most coaches have to handle.

Having Your Program Management System Too Spread Out

A head football coach will do themselves and their staff a huge favor if they make it easy to use technology. What often ends up happening is football coaching staffs are using three or four technologies where one would do. This ends up making the day to day work harder for the football staff instead of easier.

FirstDown PlayBook understands that if it’s not pretty seamless to use, most football coaches will just move on and do it the old way. When that happens, everyone loses, players included. We have worked very hard to allow a football staff to manage everything in one place. This video shows you how.

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