5 Extra Things With a Full Team Membership

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 19, 2024
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We get asked this quite a bit these days. Coaches who are wise enough to take a look at FirstDown PlayBook on a free trial or Zoom meeting always have the obvious question. What comes with a Single-User and/or a Team Membership and how much do they cost?

It’s a logical question because we are all looking for value in anything we purchase. So today, we are going to step away from our normal X’s & O’s to detail this out for you. This way you can make the right decision for your football program.

5 Extra Things You Get With A Team Membership

1. Unlimited Members For Your Team Account Allowing Vertical Alignment

This almost always gets a raise of the eyebrows. Yes, you heard that correctly. A Team Membership has no limit on the number of users you can have. Your coaching staff, players and feeder programs can all be on your account at no extra cost. A Single-User account is just that. One user can be on your FirstDown PlayBook account at once. Flag football coaches enjoy the same benefits.

2. You Can Share Your Plays & PlayBooks With Your Coaches & Players

This is fairly obvious. With a Single-User account, you don’t have team members to share with on FirstDown PlayBook. You can still download and print PDF playbooks, but online sharing is for Team accounts. A Team membership allows you to share everything you want online.

3. FirstDown PlayBook Team Memberships Include The Player App

When you own a FirstDown PlayBook Team Membership, you can share your plays and playbooks several different ways. Your team members can see them online. This can take the shape of any device and any web browser. It also means that your players and coaches can download the recently released Player App.

4. Team Accounts Receive 50 GBs of Video Pairing Space.

The FirstDown PlayBook Video Pairing feature allows coaches to install exactly like an NFL coach would. There is no need for a Powerpoint or PDF presentation. You can do it all right on a FirstDown PlayBook Team membership.

5. The Soon To Be Released Scouting Report Feature Comes With a Team Membership

Soon FirstDown PlayBook coaches will be able to present detailed scouting reports on their opponents. This will include depth charts with head shots of your opponent’s offense, defense, and special teams. It will also include formatting that allows you to present stats and tendencies. When you consider that you can edit all of this, you begin to understand.

The understandable next question is how much do the two different memberships cost per year? A FirstDown PlayBook Team Membership costs $700 per year and a Single User Membership is $200 per year. Regardless of the direction you take, you will find FirstDown PlayBook is very affordably priced when compared to anyone else.

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook