Lock In Your FirstDown PlayBook Price

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 10, 2024
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It’s no secret that FirstDown PlayBook has been offering more playbook help for less cost for over thirteen years. It’s not a secret because it has been our plan. Your FirstDown PlayBook price has been the same now for five years or more.

FirstDown PlayBook’s goal has been to provide the best affordable football playbook help for ALL coaches. We have not spent our time chasing down NFL or major college football teams or coaches. It just never made sense to me, the owner of FirstDown PlayBook, because I have a lot of experience coaching at that level.

I coached college and NFL football for 30 years. The way these coaches do their game plan installs and playbooks is very outdated and inefficient. So much so that that once I retired from coaching, I was determined to offer a better, more efficient way for coaches at all levels.

Along with this approach came the idea that you don’t have to and should not overcharge coaches for FirstDown PlayBook. Our success and yours would come with numbers. We would rather have 7,000 teams at $700 instead of having 700 coaches at $7,000. Make sense?

We Will Never Raise Our Active Members’ FirstDown PlayBook Price

For the past 13 years, we have been gradually filling the void that Hudl leaves you because they can’t offer you a practical football playbook. Each and every year we have steadily grown. This does not happen without early adopters. There are always coaches who see things early on before everyone else does. They are the same coaches who understand that vertical alignment is made possible by FirstDown PlayBook.

If you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach then you are an early adopter. You have been instrumental to our early success and we want to reward you for it. We have committed to never raising your existing membership price if you stay an active FirstDown PlayBook member.

As FirstDown PlayBook continues to grow and add more coaching tools, we have become a full-fledged program management system for coaches. It is inevitable that there will be price increases in the future. However, not for our existing coaches. Our commitment to you is that you will be locked into your membership price as long as you keep your membership active.

Mike Carter