Drawing Scout Team Cards With Hudl?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 19, 2023
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Your scout teams or “look teams” are at the heart of your unit’s success. There is so much that is wrapped up in running a good look team because it is hard. Your scout team cards are just one part of it. As a coach you are dealing with a lot of uphill battles from the very start. Using Hudl to draw scout team cards makes it harder.

Your players aren’t as talented as the first string unit or, let’s face it, they would be a starter. Your scout team players are younger and normally not as physically developed. This means they normally lack the football instincts and quite frankly the courage that comes with experience. On top of all of this, their parents are likely asking them nightly why they are not starting. Beginning to get the picture?

You take all of these things into consideration because your look team coaches had better be damn good. They are required to be great teachers, motivators and often mentors. FirstDown PlayBook gets all of this. We have run a scout team or two in our career. We have drawn plenty of scout team cards over the years. Hudl has not.

Drawing Scout Team Cards With The Hudl PlayBook Tool?

This is why one of the most important parts of FirstDown PlayBook is how we allow you to quickly and easily create practice cards just like NFL coaches. There was a time when a high school coach could say “If I had that then I would do it that way too.” Those days are gone.

There is no excuse for asking your assistant coaches to go out and run your scout teams without something that makes them and you and your team better. Take a look at how you can take your leadership role seriously and give your assistants a scout team card tool to make your program better. Stop letting Hudl ruin your practice periods designed to keep you employed.

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