Tag Your FirstDown PlayBook Video Library

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 23, 2023
Coach Driven

More and more football staffs are seeing the benefits that the new FirstDown PlayBook Video Pairing gives them. As this happens, we are having more teams have multiple coaches using the FirstDown PlayBook Video Library.

As this evolves, we understand that individual coaches are going to need to be able to access their videos and not sort through the others. We have solved this in three different ways. Each of these ways gives a coach the chance to go in and find their videos in a click.

Find Your Videos By Tags

When any coach on your staff uploads a video into FirstDown PlayBook they can now tag the video. This is a simple and easy way to stay organized. When you come back and want to find all of your “Counters” or ‘Zone Dogs” they will pop right up as you search. The tag area even remembers and saves all of your previous tags so that they automatically pop up as you start to type.

Find Your Videos By Who Created Them

Let’s face it, your Defensive Line coach and Receiver coach both have important jobs. However, odds are that their teaching videos are going to have nothing to do with one another. Now when a coach is looking for their videos they can easily search by their name and/or position they coach.

Find Your Videos By It’s Name

We all know that we name football plays, defenses and special teams schemes differently. One coach’s “BullDog” is another coaches 3-4 MOC FireZone. FirstDown PlayBook gets this. That is why your coaches can now find their videos by searching for them by play name or keyword.

The Video Library Is Just Another Piece Of The PlayBook Puzzle

There is a lot of good and bad technology out there being pushed on coaches. Even the good stuff seems like it needs another piece of technology to help make it work efficiently. This is why it has been important for FirstDown PlayBook to get everything in one place. You will soon even be able to find complete playbooks and systems in FirstDown PlayBook.

A football coach can now install with the best PlayBook technology available and have the video and notes right there too. That’s not to mention all of the other tools that FirstDown PlayBook offers like practice schedules, practice scripts, templates and wristband sheets. Starting to understand why we say it’s all in one place with FirstDown PlayBook?