Running A Youth Football Spread Offense?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 8, 2022
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If you are thinking about spreading the field out a little this year, there is nothing wrong with that. FirstDown PlayBook just encourages you to be realistic about your young quarterback’s ability to dictate the defense. Your ability to run a youth football spread offense has everything to do with your quarterback.

This is not a new thing with FirstDown PlayBook, as we have touched on it before. The spread has many obvious offensive advantages but it really gets down to two ways it helps you.

The first is if the defense decides to spread out with you then the run game opens up for you number wise. It is the consummate conflict of assignment. The defense spreads out but when the ball is snapped it is a run play. Your running backs and quarterback are a lot harder to tackle in space than in close quarters.

A Good Defense Will Expose A Youth Football Spread Offense If Your QB Can’t Throw

The second way it can help you is if the defense does not spread out with you and they lock up in man coverage on your receivers. They may even elect to pressure your offense by blitzing or dogging every down. Now this is still an advantage for the offense if the quarterback can make the defense pay with their arm. If you cannot throw the ball with your youth football spread offense, it can be a nightmare.

Today’s short video looks into some of the numbers considerations that all spread offensive coaches look at and how to use this to your advantage this football season.

Tony Newsome