How To Install Your Youth Football Offense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 7, 2022
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Even the youth football coaches who procrastinate a little are having nagging thoughts about right now. The season is a lot closer than that pool or beach makes it seem. You have some work to do. You have a million things to get done and one of them is you have to plan on how to install your youth football offense and defense.

Let’s spend today on how to install your youth football offense. As a youth football coach one of the most important things you are going to have to consider on offense is the formations that you are going to use and what plays are you going to run from those formations.

3 Thing To Consider As You Install Your Youth Football Offense

Offensive Hit Chart

It may sound elementary, and to some degree it is, but you should look long and hard at where your plays hit when using a formation. You can be the defensive coaches will. Your running plays should hit strong side, weak side and up the middle. This should all come from the same formation too.

Your Personnel

Yes, we understand that you cannot draft or recruit your players. However, once you inherit them you need to look at who and what you have. If you are looking at team full of tight ends and fullbacks, you might want to put that spread offense away for this year. Good coaches always look at personnel before deciding on what offense to install.

Marrying Similar Plays

At the heart of any option football play it is a good play because the defense has to treat it as at least two plays. Once you begin to install your youth football offense look for plays that marry with your original plays. This is why so many youth coaches like the Wing T offense. Your Fullback Trap and Buck Sweep marry well together.

This video is a little older but it takes you through the 3 things we like to consider as you install your youth football offense.

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