No Sound Defense Would Line Up Like This

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 7, 2023

What is a sound defense? Ever stopped to think about it? If you are loose with your definition, a 3-3 stack defense with two high safeties could be considered “sound” vs a Wishbone formation with two tight ends. Sound? Maybe. Smart? Far from it.

Here is where we are going with this. FirstDown PlayBook sees offensive plays drawn up against unrealistic defenses all the time. We normally see it on social media or when someone is trying to sell you on a scheme or system.

It typically happens because the coach or person presenting their scheme wants it to look good. They draw up Duo vs two high safeties like that is going to happen. There are a lot of plays that don’t look good with that extra defender down in the box. Even the catch all solution RPO’s do not look as good if you close the middle of the field. We didn’t say the RPO was not good, just better vs two high safeties.

At times you may even see a play drawn up vs an unrealistic defense AND they have a video clip to validate it. The question you have to ask is what was the down and distance on the play? Yes, if it is 3rd & 14 you may feel better about lining up in a 2 shell defense. However, is that the norm? Not a chance.

Always Remember That A Sound Defense Does Not Mean It’s A Smart Defense

All of this leads us back around to something we preach to youth football defensive coaches a lot. Evaluate the quarterback first. We often see youth football and high school defenses that are lined up nice and sound (there’s that word again) but the players are not lined up to stop the offense they are playing against. It’s true for defensive pressure too.

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All of this is why FirstDown PlayBook draws your offensive plays up against multiple defenses. We also normally draw the plays up with middle of the field open and closed. We think this gives a coach and more importantly, the players a chance to know what they are doing when the ball is snapped.

Jud Keim