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By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 23, 2022
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If you coach long enough you will hopefully get to experience the satisfaction of taking something small to something big. Yesterday, a coach said to me “FirstDown PlayBook is a lot better than it was 4 years ago.” I sad to him “If you are a good coach, then your team is better than it was 4 years ago, too.” I wasn’t trying to be smart, but the point is that yes, FirstDown PlayBook has improved a lot. If you haven’t seen it in awhile, you should take another look at FirstDown PlayBook.

The growth and development here has been fun. As a 30 year coach at some pretty good NFL and college football programs, I can say this is the most satisfying thing I have been a part of.

FirstDown PlayBook Spread Wing T Section is Set To Grow This Season

The two Chicago Bears divisional championships were obviously great. Both were unexpected and there was an intense belief in the building both times that we were good and everyone else would eventually see it. Both Dick Jauron and Lovie Smith made it happen while I was there with the Bears. Neither division championship was easy though. Both teams improved a lot throughout the year.

New: Create Practice Schedules Too

Practice Schedules

Every time I was a part of a good team, there was a growing process. Trust me when I say there were times when we were awful. We started something like 0-3 one of Lovie’s early years at the Bears but we steadily improved and won the division. We have followed a similar path.

FirstDown PlayBook had challenges in our early years. We made our mind up early that we would not let non-football people get involved with FirstDown PlayBook. We didn’t. The result has been a football playbook resource that is truly for coaches by coaches.

If You Haven’t Seen FirstDown PlayBook Lately, Then You Haven’t Seen FirstDown PlayBook

So let me get to the point. If you looked at FirstDown PlayBook awhile ago and saw things to improve then consider this. We have improved. We are different and better than what you saw back then. It’s kind of like your team you took over and went 3-7 with your first year that won the championship 3 years later.

The good news is that if you are a high school, college or NFL coach you can take a 3 day free look. This will give you a chance to see firsthand all of the FirstDown PlayBook new tools. You will begin to see how things like templates & stencils, practice scripts and wristband sheets all make sense to have right inside of your football playbook.

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