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By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 10, 2023
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As we inch closer and closer to the the summer and fall football camps FirstDown PlayBook is once again adding to your youth football playbook, as well as the varsity section. This week we are installing the popular Duo run play to both sections.

Duo runs are very popular with offensive line coaches. It’s pretty easy to understand why. The Duo run game is a close cousin to the Power run game. Offensive line coaches love finding a double team at the point of attack. They get this with the Power run game and Duo run game.

The big difference in Power and Duo is that you don’t pull the backside Guard on Duo. This is a big deal if you don’t have agile Guards to pull effectively. The Duo run game series gives you the same downhill running attack without the backside puller. It can fit into multiple formations too. This run is a good two back run that fits well with other 2 back runs like Bob.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we really like Duo runs for a youth football playbook. Face it, your young offensive linemen are normally better at blocking a player on them than they are at pulling across the center. Duo also gives you, the youth football coach a chance to teach double team blocks at the point of attack. Your young offensive linemen will learn to work with the player lined up beside them.

FirstDown PlayBook Will Be Installing More Duo Run Game Help This Week

This is not to say that Duo is so simple that it is not as effective for high school, college and NFL blocking schemes. Quite the opposite is true actually. Dialing up a Duo run on a short yardage play is popular at every level of football. Some coaches love it vs goal line defenses as well.

The important thing to note is that without the pulling Guard your double teams will have different angles if and when you come off on the linebackers. It is also important to know that not all fronts are good to run Duo into.

So FirstDown PlayBook will install these new plays throughout this week. We block these plays up against multiple defenses like we always do. You can then edit them to fit your system as you begin laying out your offensive game plan for the 2023 football season!

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