Scoreboard Scout Team Cards Is Brilliant

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 16, 2024
Chad Johnson & Mission Viejo State Championship

I don’t care what state you coach in, winning a state championship is hard. If you are Mission Viejo in California it is even harder. Population alone makes this true.

It obviously requires talented players, a years worth of preparation in the offseason and the season itself and of course, good coaching. The scoreboard scout team cards that Chad Johnson and his staff used this season to win a state championship at Mission Viejo is nothing short of brilliant.

Ask any veteran football coach and they will tell you that game performance is almost always directly correlated to the scout team’s performance that week. I can remember as a coach for the Chicago Bears and I ran the scout team for the defense. Brian Urlacher and Mike Brown would flat chew my rear end out if our scout or “look” team was lazy or wrong.

I Remember Mike Brown & Brian Urlacher Yelling At Me To Get The Scout Team Right.

The same was true when we were on offense. Urlacher and Brown would take their look team jobs very seriously. Why? Because they knew if our offense practiced against a poor look team that was going to take wins and money out of their pockets.

Chad Johnson and his Mission Viejo staff utilized FirstDown PlayBook in a way this season that enabled his scout teams not only to perform better but faster…much faster. Johnson recently stated on the Coach & Coordinator podcast “We can go so fast. In seven minutes, we can rip off 20 plays.”

“We Go Fast. In Seven Minutes, We Can Rip Off 20 Plays.” Chad Johnson On Mission Viejo’s Scoreboard Scout Team Cards Created With FirstDown PlayBook

How did they get this done? First, they used FirstDown PlayBook to generate their scout team cards. They created a pdf version of that scout team period and sent that to their press box with a manager. The manager displayed the scout team cards on the video scoreboard.

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The Mission Viejo scout teams faced the scoreboard, so there was no need for a huddle. This allowed their scout team to have the card immediately available at the line of scrimmage for the next play. In the era of no huddle and hurry up offenses, this just makes sense. Mission Viejo was practicing against exactly what they were going to see on Friday night. Accurate plays and defenses that were being run at them very fast.

You may or may not have a scoreboard that allows you to do something like this. The point remains the same. Your practices will dictate your game success or failure. FirstDown PlayBook allows you to create NFL level scout team cards in a fraction of the time. That’s important.

Charlie Coiner Owner