Your Football Feeder Programs Are YOUR Future

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered how some high school football programs win or compete for state championships year in and year out? Obviously there is a lot of good coaching that goes into it. However, there is always more to it than that. A lot of it has to do with a football feeder programs and schools in it.

Regardless of the level of football that you coach, the players have a lot to do with your success or failure. This isn’t news to any football coach. The question is how does a high school football coach reload each year?

There are several ways this happens. If you look closely at these dominant programs you will almost always find a great football feeder program. Some coaches spend their time studying the latest greatest version of how to run the Power or Mesh. Others spend their time visiting the middle schools or junior high coaches who will work with their future players.

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The really good ones get to know the local Pop Warner league directors. Starting to get the picture? The advantage of having young players walk into your school who have been running your system on offense, defense and special teams is off the charts advantageous.

Mission Viejo Diablos 2022 JV Football Team

One of the advantages to signing up for a FirstDown PlayBook Program account is that it includes your football feeder programs and coaches too. Basically, the head coach of a FirstDown PlayBook school can securely share his playbook with his feeder coaches. Now they can begin using it as well. This will improve everything they do including practice prep.

Essentially, you make it harder for your football feeder program coaches to do something different than what you do. Mostly because the work is already done for them! We have made it very easy for a hard working forward thinking coach to get this done at a very low cost.

Here’s the kicker. There is no limit to the number of coaches or players that you can put on your FirstDown PlayBook account. Want to lean more? Contact us and we will explain how you can get started today!

Chad Johnson