Mission Viejo Wins California State Championship

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 9, 2023

FirstDown PlayBook was fired up this morning to see that the Mission Viejo Diablos has won their state championship. There are few things that make us happier than when one of our programs does well in the post season. This is particularly true when we know that they are using our football playbook technology to get there.

The Diablos defeated De La Salle 27-14 last night to win their California state title in the CIF Division 1-AA bowl. Anyone who follows high school football in California knows that this is no small feat. There is arguably as much talent in this state as any and the coaching is excellent too.

Mission Viejo head coach Chad Johnson also coaches in the Under Armour All America game that is played annually in January. We have been fortunate to have a front row seat for all of this. We have observed how Coach Johnson prepares for this all star game and at Mission Viejo.

Mission Viejo’s Chad Johnson Has Leaned Into The FirstDown PlayBook Technology

There is a system in place at Mission Viejo that runs throughout the varsity football program. It’s how they organize their staff, their playbook installations and their entire their entire program. This also extends to their feeder programs and that is how dynasties are built. FirstDown PlayBook is proud of the fact that we help Coach Johnson and his staff communicate that system. Do they have good players? Absolutely. So do the teams that they play.

As we emphasize here a lot, “coaching matters”. FirstDown PlayBook helps coaches teach better and that can sometimes be the difference in a highly competitive high school or college football game. Chad Johnson gets that and has embraced the technology that we offer his Mission Viejo football program.

Our last point on the way out is that since we met Chad several years ago, we have recognized that his experience and input can help FirstDown PlayBook too. This is why we lean on him in the off season for suggestions and recommendations about how we can get better. You can bet we will continue to lean on this valuable resource in the future.

Chad Johnson Mission Viejo