Your Scout Team Cards Better Than The NFL

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 24, 2022
Better Scout Team Cards With FirstDown PlayBook

It probably sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not. FirstDown PlayBook has given you the ability to create scout team or look team cards better than what they use in the NFL. It does not stop there. You will get your scout team cards done in half the time and at a fraction of the cost too.

There are two powerful technology additions that we have recently provided that changes everything for scout team cards. The hardest thing about scout team cards is that you have to communicate in tough circumstances.

Your scout team is not as talented as your first team. If they were, they would be on the first team. Your look team is going to be tired. This is because you are running 10-12 plays in 15 minutes or less, if you are doing it right. Tempo is an important part of practice. If you want to get your butt chewed, as a scout team coach, just take too long to get out of the huddle. That will get it done.

Better Scout Team Cards With FirstDown PlayBook

So as if the talent level, the exhaustion and the tempo are not enough to create a problem, it gets harder. You are now going to ask your look team to read a card that is often drawn poorly or too small for them to see. They have sweat in their eyes and you are flashing a card up for 5-10 seconds max.

Customize Your Scout Team Cards For Your Specific Needs

So there are two bad outcomes that often happen here. The first one is that after the play is run poorly or the scout team defense lines up wrong, you hear this… What the #&@^*$ was that? Run it again! Guess what? Now you are even further behind on your schedule and you might not get to run all of the plays that period.

Better Scout Team Cards With FirstDown PlayBook

The second thing is that the scout team does not execute very well but you let it slide because you have to practice other things. Your first team offense or defense or special teams goes into your game that weekend never having seen what they will be playing against.

We content that how you manage your scout team is the most important thing about practice. It’s a simple truth. Bad look team card leads to bad look teams. When your look team is bad your practice is bad. Bad practices lead to bad games. Bad games lead to bad seasons. Yes, too many bad seasons leads to…well let’s not talk about that today.

Better Scout Team Cards With FirstDown PlayBook