New In 2023! Find A PlayBook!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 13, 2022

You hear it out there on social media all the time, as folks try to sell you on their sale of football schemes. They say “This is not just a bunch of plays. It’s a system”. To some extent, this makes sense. No one would recommend just calling a random set of plays, defenses or special teams schemes.

Up until now, FirstDown PlayBook has always taken it just one step further. We have not advocated any one football system over another. We offer you the ability to create your own system from our vast database of plays, defenses and special teams. At that point, coaches could find any scheme that exists in football and edit those plays for your own purposes and roster. This includes technique help too.

FirstDown PlayBook still has that to offer and always will. However, we have heard from many of you that it would be helpful if we were to pre-group different offensive and defensive system in one area so that you would not have to. Once again, initially we were leery of this because we did not want to get into coaching your football team for you. There are enough coaches on Facebook and Twitter doing that.

However, Find a PlayBook did make sense to us in some ways. If you were a Spread Offense coach or a Gun Wing T system coach, this could be a place where FirstDown PlayBook that would cut to the chase and take you right to that section. Same thing goes for defense. There is not a 4-2-5 or a 3-3 stack scheme out there that you could not easily find on FirstDown PlayBook right now. The new Find a PlayBook section, however, will make it even easier to find these popular schemes.

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To be clear, this section is currently still in development. We wanted to let you know it was coming, because like a lot of things we do at FirstDown PlayBook, we do them because you ask for them. FirstDown PlayBook still will not be advocating any one defense, offense or special teams scheme over another. We will make it easier for you to find your favorite in 2023 though!

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