Finding Spread Wing T Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 19, 2023
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More and more football coaches are learning the value of editing FirstDown PlayBook plays as opposed to drawing them from scratch. Along with this comes the welcomed questions about how to find your offense or defense. Possibly at the top of this list is how to find the new Spread Wing T plays.

There are really three quick ways that you can find your Spread Wing T plays. Before we go any further though, we should point out that Spread Wing T is what we call this offense. You may hear others refer to it as the Pistol Wing T or Gun Wing T.

Like a lot of football, this offense is a hybrid of several offenses used over the decades. This one incorporates the obvious one, the Wing T. It also utilizes spread formations that stretch a defense from sideline to sideline. Plays like the Jet Sweep loosen a defense, making age old Belly plays more productive. The RPO game is also a pat of this offense.

The More Football Plays Change The More They Stay The Same

Now back to how to find them on FirstDown PlayBook. The first way is very obvious. You can just go to the search engine in the upper left hand corner of the website and type in “Spread Wing T”. Every editable play we have will show up for you when you do that.

Finally, in our opinion the best way to find your Spread Wing T plays is detailed in this short video. This way allows you to not only find all of the Spread Wing T plays. It also allows you to parse out if you want to see all of the sweeps or all of the belly plays. You can find whatever play you are looking for. This can be helpful for defensive coaches too.

FirstDown PlayBook Gives You 3 Ways To Find Spread Wing T Plays

Finding your Spread Wing T plays this way also allows you to find every play blocked up vs ten different defenses. Yes, you read that right. Every play has coaching points and player assignments too. The obvious bonus with FirstDown PlayBook plays is that you can actually use these plays and defenses.

You can edit these plays to fit your team. You can create playbook installations and practice cards as well. FirstDown PlayBook even offers you Video Pairing now, along with template creation, practice schedules and wristband sheets. What are you waiting for? Watch this 45 second video to see how you and your entire staff can find your Spread Wing T plays today.

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