Package These Two Youth Football Wing T Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 3, 2023
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The Wing T offense is probably the most popular offense at the high school and youth football levels. Having said that, you have to understand that the plays that a Pop Warner and a high school team will run may be very different. The size of the play call sheet will certainly be much smaller if the youth football coach is smart.

If you have ever watched really good Wing T football team, several things jump out at you pretty quickly. The first thing is that when you first look at it there seems to be players going in many different directions.

Here’s An Unbalanced Wing Play To Start The FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Season

The next thing you notice is that it’s really hard to find the football even as a spectator. By the time you locate who has the football, it is often times two or three yards past the line of scrimmage. If that is frustrating to you just think about how the linebackers feel.

Finally after you continue watching this misdirection offense enough, you begin to realize that this Wing T offense sometimes consists of about four plays and they all look alike! This is why a youth football coach does not have to run a lot of different Wing T plays. These plays are even showing up in flag football games.

Teams that are much smaller, slower and yes, dare we say not even close in talent level can often make defenses look helpless with the Wing T offense. Now please keep in mind that this kind of offensive execution does not come easy and requires a lot of repetition to get as good at it as you need to be.

Marry Your Youth Football Wing T Fullback Trap & Buck Sweep

However, when a youth football coach starts weighing the odds of getting their ten year old quarterback to be able to throw the ball better vs working on a Wing T misdirection attack the Wing T is the choice.

In today’s video we take two staples of this offense, the Fullback Trap and the Buck Sweep and explain how they are two plays you can marry in your youth football Wing T offense.

In fact we take it a step further and show you how FirstDown PlayBook has already done it for you.


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