Kinda Like The Green Bay Packers

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 1, 2024
FirstDown PlayBook Program Management System

“FirstDown PlayBook is kind of like the Green Bay Packers.” This thought came to me last night as I watched the Monday night football game. I thought about how over the years the Green Bay Packers have included their fans as their investors. This was not new to me because I grew up a Green Bay Packers fan. The business model was one of the reasons I was a fan. As fate had it, I ended up coaching for the Chicago Bears…Go figure.

When I decided to retire from football in 2012, I made a commitment to what I knew was missing in the football community. It was obvious to me that football coaches, while being some of the hardest working people on the planet, were also some off the most inefficient.

Think about that for a second. A profession that sticks their chest out on a daily basis, demanding efficiency from their players and they are anything but when it comes to teaching those very players. They unnecessarily repeat work on a daily, if not hourly basis. This occurs with all three phases, offense, defense and special teams too.

FirstDown PlayBook Has Used The Green Bay Packers’ Investment Model For 12 Years

The commitment was to help those who are willing to be helped and 12 years later we have made a lasting impression on the coaching profession. This is obviously satisfying, but it brings me back to my original point. FirstDown PlayBook is coach owned. Yes, just like the Green Bay Packers are fan owned

FirstDown PlayBook has never taken one penny of outside investment. That may not mean anything to you and it did not to me 12 years ago. Let me help you understand. When our FirstDown PlayBook team answers to their boss, they answer to you, not some dude with a lot of money and no concern for our profession, who just wants to invest.

FirstDown PlayBook investors are you, the football coach. You have invested in FirstDown PlayBook just as in the 1920’s Green Bay Packers fans invested in something they believed in. We never forget that here at FirstDown PlayBook. You are the reason we exist in the first place.

So as we begin 2024 we want to say thank you to the football coaching community. Thank you for your support, but also for guiding us as we continue to improve the best football playbook tool available. As we enter our thirteenth year, we look forward to much more of the same.

Happy New Year,

Charlie Coiner