KISS. It’s A Football Drawing Tool.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 3, 2024
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When you look around at some of the football technology out there, you have to wonder. You question if the people who created it ever coached a down of football in their life. FirstDown PlayBook was determined not to let that be the case when we developed your football drawing tool.

The adage of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) was at the front of our mind every step of the way. This may seem obvious, but it is harder to accomplish than you might think. We look out there and see coaches use drawing tools that can’t do the most fundamental things. Things you need with a football drawing tool.

Here are a few examples. Why would you use a football drawing tool that does not allow you to easily create an offensive block? The answer is pretty obvious. It’s because the people who created it were designing an engineering tool to build sky scrapers, that’s why.

If Your Football Drawing Tool Doesn’t Have a Base Block…Is It Really A Football Tool?

Let’s face it. A base block, reach block and cutoff block are as fundamental to football as there is. If your football drawing tool does not have that, then you can bet that there are other omissions on the horizon. These are normally omissions that eat up hours of your time as you draw your football playbook, practice cards and other important game prep things.

What about a curved line? That seems pretty obvious to FirstDown PlayBook that you shouldn’t have to piece together 6 straight lines to make a curved line. However, you have a large portion of high school football coaches pulling their hair out every day during the season using a football drawing tool that does not allow you to draw a curved line.

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All of these things and more are why FirstDown PlayBook always has a football coach in the room when we develop coaching tools for you. Over the past 13 years we have heard over and over again that this is one of the reasons football coaches at all levels turn to FirstDown PlayBook for a football drawing tool.

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