New NFL Flag Plays Installed!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 7, 2023
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This weekend FirstDown PlayBook is going to circle back around to your flag football section. We will be installing brand new editable NFL Flag plays to your already huge library of plays. If you are a FirstDown PlayBook coach, you know that this is nothing new. FirstDown PlayBook is always adding football content along with our easy to use playbook features. We don’t forget the football part of “Football PlayBook”.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we realize we spend a lot of time and energy on the 5v5 flag section. This is for obvious reasons. The NFL Flag leagues are sprouting up all over the globe and this is what the majority of you are coaching. We understand that there are a lot of 7v7 flag teams out there too. Trust us when we say that we will get back around to 4v4, 6v6, 7v7 and even 8v8 flag plays at some point.

Let’s take a look at this NFL Flag play. Anyone who knows about the FirstDown PlayBook flag football section knows we break our offensive plays up into three areas. They are DropBack Passes, Quick Passes and Flag RPO plays. The DropBack passes are pretty self explanatory. We just spend more time with you about how to teach your quarterback. We provide QB reads for the route progression of the receivers. We can even help you get the ball to your center.

The Quick passes are very important if you are coaching young players. When you call a pass play and an 8 year old is taking the snap, you better be smart about the throw you are asking then to make. Tight splits, shorter throws and easy reads are going to be your friend.

Creating Misdirection With Your NFL Flag Plays Is Critical

Finally, the new play you see below is an example of what we call a Run Pass Option. This is different than tackle football. A flag football RPO just means that the quarterback has the option to hand the ball off or fake the handoff and then throw a pass. Those of you who coach it know that NFL Flag plays do not allow the quarterback (the player who takes the snap) to run the ball.

Creating misdirection with your NFL Flag plays is important. Once again it will be easier for a young flag football player to toss or hand the ball off than it will be to complete a pass. Misdirection plays like you see here also creates doubt in the defense’s mind. This slows them down some.

A play like you see here also allows a young quarterback to be moving towards the target when they throw the ball. If we had a right handed quarterback, we would just flip this play and run it the other direction. Another great thing about flag football RPO plays is that you can run them multiple times. This play could have four different players touch the ball when you run it.

So as you go in the weekend be on the lookout for these new editable NFL Flag plays. You can find them several ways but we will tag them as New Play Installs so you can quickly find them.

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