@HonestNFL Plays Now On FirstDown PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 29, 2024
Find a PlayBook is live!

Anyone who follows us here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website knows that we get excited when we see others using our playbook tool to teach more effectively. That’s why we have always loved what @HonestNFL does over on X or Twitter.

It is fairly obvious that we are not the only ones. Any quick glance will show you thousands of people feel the same way based on the public response to the drawings. So not too long ago we came up with an idea about how to make this even better for you.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are working with @HonestNFL to provide you with all of this content in an editable format. Now you will be able to find @HonestNFL content in an organized Find a PlayBook area. We have begun installing the plays in a PlayCard format and a PlayGrid format.

@HonestNFL Play Drawings

You Can Now Edit @HonestNFL Content On FirstDown PlayBook

You can take these plays and playbooks and save them into your FirstDown PlayBook area. Once you do that you can then edit them and reorganize them anyway you want to. If you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan you will want to know about this. No one covers the Eagles quite like @HonestNFL.

This @HonestNFL content will grow over time. We have started with the dropback pass game section. As you will see in this short video there is some very detailed coaching in these playbook drawings. This is information that would be helpful to any coach at any level. I’m looking at you college and NFL coaches.

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One last thing before we slide on out today. We want to reward the many followers over on social media who follow @HonestNFL for their loyalty. When you go to purchase a FirstDown PlayBook subscription you can use this promo code for a 10% discount… HONEST24. That’s it for today. Enjoy!

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook