Honest NFL 3×1 Passes Installed

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 27, 2024
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If you are a 7on7 football coach I hope you have found the Honest NFL section in FirstDown PlayBook. I can personally tell you that I have had coaches with NFL and college backgrounds tell me that they are blown away by it. The amount of information made available here is unreal. Our latest Honest NFL 3×1 passes are just more excellence we get to share with you.

I hope by mentioning 7on7 coaches I don’t have you believe that this section can’t help all of our football coaches. Honest NFL does a great job of explaining how a pass concept is run right on the play diagram. He uses the FirstDown PlayBook text boxes to do this.

Our FirstDown PlayBook passing game plays have some of this. However, we also lean heavily on the player assignments and coaching notes that we provide. These football play drawings give you a snapshot of a concept with everything laid out in one picture.

The Honest NFL Drawings Are Better Than the 32 NFL Teams Have

The thing I like best about what Honest NFL does with FirstDown PlayBook is he exposes a lot of myths about the NFL. Trust me when I tell you the Honest NFL play drawings are better than any of the playbook drawings in any of the 32 NFL buildings. I know because I was in that league for nine years. (and I challenge anyone to show us differently)

Remember, he does all of this better than the NFL coaches with a tool that costs $200 a year. Honest NFL is proof positive that you don’t need five different technologies to draw a football play. FirstDown PlayBook has provided anything and everything needed to create playbook installs, scout team cards and much more.

As you soak up the knowledge and the professional presentation remember this. What Honest NFL offers with the latest 3×1 formation passes is available to you. So are these 2×2 passing concepts from an earlier blog. Your football playbook and installations can look like this too.

Charlie Coiner Owner