So What Is Find A PlayBook?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 17, 2024
Find a PlayBook is live!

FirstDown PlayBook is pretty pumped to announce that we have launched a new section called “Find a PlayBook. We made it available this past Wednesday and have been adding content throughout the week. So today we want to take a moment to educate you about what it is exactly

Well, as the name indicates it is a place in FirstDown PlayBook where you can now go to find full playbooks. By full, we mean a ready made playbook that you can take to the field and use without putting it together on your own. You just move the full playbook or parts of it to your personal playbook section.

The video below explains it with more detail, but let’s start with flag football and youth football. FirstDown PlayBook has always been a place where busy moms and dads could come find editable plays and defenses for their youth football teams. Wristband sheets have been a big part of this too.

Your Find a PlayBook Section Has Something To Offer Every Level of Coaching

Now your Find a PlayBook section saves you even more time. FirstDown PlayBook has organized specific, concise playbooks designed to save in your own playbook section. Let’s say you are looking for NFL Flag plays, they are now all in a playbook ready for you. And yes they are still editable.

Maybe you are having problems stopping a particular youth football offense. Now you can go to the Find a PlayBook section and get a youth football defensive playbook designed specifically to stop the Beast offense. We have many ways to do this.

Finally, the Find a PlayBook section allows us to focus on popular high school football trends. Now coaches will be able to go directly to full playbooks that focus on RPO’s or the Spread Wing T or maybe the Spread offense. You can bet there will be defensive help there too.

Starting to get the picture? One last thing before you watch this video. You will guide us about what we should be installing in the Find a PlayBook section. We want as much input about this as we can get so let us know what you need!

Angellica Grayson