FirstDown PlayBook: All Web Browsers & Devices.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 22, 2024
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Here is something that we thought was so obvious, we probably have not talked enough about it. FirstDown PlayBook can be used on all web browsers and devices. Regardless of if you use Mac or Windows, IOS or Android, FirstDown PlayBook works for you.

Yes, we know there are folks out there trying to convince you that you need five technologies to create a football playbook. Good luck with that. How could you, why would you, ever create a digital football playbook that only works on only some web browsers?

There is only one reason. That reason is you work in a league that has a contract with Microsoft. Unless, you coach in the NFL right now, you can put your hand down. Most of you want your football playbook to work on all web browsers and devices.

It’s not just you. You want your players to be able to use their smartphone to learn. FirstDown PlayBook wants to make sure we make it as easy as possible for your coaches and your players to get their jobs done.

The last time we looked Apple and IOS products are pretty popular. Before you let someone convince you that you should do it the “NFL way” check FirstDown PlayBook out. We are NFL coaches too. There is a big difference though. We have been out here listening to you for 13 years now. That is not going to change. Web browsers and the device you and your players use is a big part of this.

So before you get duped into using a football playbook tool that does not even work on a Mac, give us a look. There is a reason why FirstDown PlayBook just keeps growing. It’s because we listen to coaches and we always will.

Charlie Coiner Owner