Honest NFL New Installs: 2×2 Passing Game

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 15, 2024
Honest NFL 2x2 Install In Find A PlayBook

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we have been looking for a faster way to provide you with popular current playbook content. The new Find a PlayBook area has proven to be an awesome way to house complete playbooks and systems in one place where you can download that complete playbook to your playbook. The Honest NFL playbook has been particularly popular with our high school and college coaches.

It is not hard to understand why. The information that Honest NFL provides on X is exceptionally detailed and rare to find on social media. If you were to have any NFL coach take a look at this content you would see eyebrows raise. What makes this valuable to you is you can edit these plays and save them for your playbook.

The content is not only informational at a high level but the quality of the play and defensive drawings is better than what the NFL players are actually looking at in their meetings. I would bet on that and I have been in those meetings for nine years.

You Can Edit The Hundreds Of Honest NFL Plays & Save Them Into Your PlayBook

So the hard part has been how to organize the huge volume of playbook work Honest NFL has provided for you. When I say organize, I mean in FirstDown PlayBook so that a coach can just edit these professionally drawn diagrams without re-drawing anything.

The video below explains what we came up with. Essentially, we are not going to overthink the organization for now. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are going to organize all of the passing game information by formation. We have started with 2×2 passing game drawings.

We will quickly add 3×1, Bunch, Empty and 2 Back sets in the coming weeks. If you are a high school or college football coach, or especially a 7on7 coach this is a no brainer. Watch the video to see what we mean and get to the FirstDown PlayBook Find a PlayBook area to download the new editable Honest NFL content

Reagan Smith