PlayCards & PlayGrids = PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 6, 2022

If you went into FirstDown PlayBook today (and you should have) you saw some new, very helpful things. Your PlayBook section has been improved and that is putting it mildly. You are about to become very familiar with the PlayCard & PlayGrid sections.

Let’s break it down because it is very simple. Your PlayBooks section now gets right to what coaches use a football playbook for. You now will have an option to create PlayCards or PlayGrids. If you are a current FirstDown PlayBook coach, don’t panic. We have done all of the work for you. We transferred all of your PlayBooks to the right areas. Let’s look at the two areas of PlayBooks.


There are times when a coach just wants a play/defense or special teams scheme on one page. That’s all he or she wants. This is what a PlayCard does for you. It’s not complicated. You might be printing scout team cards. Maybe you are getting ready for your flag football or 7on7 tournament. Regardless, you have a seamless way to get ready for your players.

FirstDown PlayBook Templates Cut Card Drawing Time In Half

Before anyone becomes dismissive about using this for your actual PlayBook, think about this. This is how the NFL and major college football teams teach these days. Why? There are so many reasons and everyone will eventually take this route. The digital teaching tools are not going away. However, if you want to print your football playbook we have that covered too. Let’s talk about PlayGrids.


PlayGrids is our way of naming the traditional printable PlayBook. A one box or two box at the top of the page with you player assignments under it. Behind that you want a 4/6/8 box option to show the multiple looks you could see that week. After all, your opponent coaches too. There will be wrinkles.

You will be excited about how easy we have made this. This video explains it and we will grow with you on this one. Now when you are an offensive coordinator and you want to block the same play vs multiple fronts, it’s all right there for your players.

If you are a DC and want to show your adjustments vs 10’s easy. Learn more by watching this short video. Also stay tuned as we point out more features over the coming days and weeks.