Detailed Football Coaching Points

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 16, 2020
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The FirstDown PlayBook Football coaching points are a hidden gem for young coaches. You know, we were all young football coaches at some point in our careers. You’re going to have questions as you begin to navigate the season and your career. FirstDown PlayBook can help you out with that too.

FirstDown PlayBook is not just the best playbook draw and edit tool available. It is more, much more. If you find yourself looking for sound coaching points, you can also find this along with the detailed drawings we offer you. Here is an example of one of our thousands, yes, thousands, of defenses we offer you in FirstDown PlayBook.

We certainly understand that you are going to want to edit the plays and coaching points some to fit your scheme but man what a head start!

Call Side End Alignment: 3 Technique

Key: Guard & Tackle.

Run: B Gap.

Pass: Contain Pass Rush.

Nose Alignment: 0 Technique.

Key: Center & Away Side Guard.

Run: Away Side A Gap.

Pass: Away Side A Gap Pass Rush.

Away Side End Alignment: 3 Technique.

Key: Guard & Tackle.

Run: B Gap.

Pass: Contain Pass Rush.

Will LB Alignment: Base On LOS – Ghost 6 Technique; Stem Head Up To Inside Vs #2 RB.

Key: RB To QB.

Run To: Force/Contain – Attack #2 RB And Win Outside To The Ball.

Run Away: Contain To Cutback To Pursuit.

Pass: Spot Drop To Curl-Flat & Read QB’s Eyes.

Every FirstDown PlayBook play, defense and special teams scheme has detailed coaching points just like this. To see the rest of these coaching points and the entire FirstDown Playbook database scroll down.