Coaching Notes & Text Box Features

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 16, 2023

Anyone who uses FirstDown PlayBook realizes right off the bat that this is a different kind of football playbook. Not only is the draw and edit tool far superior than anything else available, there is also the fact that the football plays are already in there for you. You have coaching notes too, a lot of them.

Being able to edit these plays is a big deal. We understand that but today we want to talk about another underrated feature that FirstDown PlayBook provides you.

Rarely does a football coach, regardless of the level, want to teach without some type of coaching points to accompany the play diagram. Our thirty years of football coaching can attest to that. There is a difference in our text box tool and our coaching notes tool.You should take advantage of both.

FirstDown PlayBook Coaching Notes & Text Boxes Make You A Better Teacher

The Coaching Points or Coaching Notes is where you can type in your rules and your player assignments. FirstDown PlayBook is all about play drawings but we also understand the need for simple rules to make things easier at the lline of scrimmage.

The FirstDown PlayBook Text Box function allows you to put a message to your players right on the drawing. A coach can now speak directly to the player(s) as they study the play diagram. This is a powerful tool when you are trying to get a major focal point across.

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This 50 second video will show you these two distinct and powerful ways to be a better teacher as you are using FirstDown PlayBook. It’s really not that complicated. FirstDown PlayBook is Coach Driven. That means we actually listen to you. Please watch this short video. Using Coaching Notes and the Text Box features will make you a better teacher the next time you are installing your game plan.