Find A PlayBook Goes Live This Week

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 10, 2024

This Wednesday FirstDown PlayBook will launch our new “Find A PlayBook” section. What is this and how does it help you? More on that in a minute. First, I want to point out that, here at FirstDown PlayBook we spend a considerable amount of time listening to football coaches.

It’s the only way we know to deliver a football coaching tool that has utility for you, the coach. We often shake our heads at what gets passed off as “smart” technology to you. It is often a big hodge podge of hard to use technology that sounds smart but is quite simply, dumb.

We get a lot of ideas and requests here at FirstDown PlayBook. One of the first questions we ask is “How will this save the majority of our coaches time?”. If the idea does not save you time, it gets dismissed or put on the back burner pretty quickly. At the risk of repeating myself a lot of the technology pushed on you wastes your time not save it.

That brings us to the new “Find a PlayBook” section. This area will be located on your left handed dashboard just underneath your ‘Find a Play” area. Over the years, we have had different requests for an area where coaches could find specific systems located in one pre-made playbook.

The New Find a PlayBook Section Allows Coaches To Find Complete PlayBooks That Are Editable.

FirstDown PlayBook has been reluctant to install different football systems. Why? Because quite frankly we don’t want to act like we are trying to coach your football team. However, as we looked at it we realized that since we already had this content in your Find a Play section, this just made sense to install.

Now you will be able to go directly to the Find a PlayBook section and find all of your NFL Flag plays in one playbook area. If you are a Spread or a Wing T coach, these areas will soon be at your fingertips as well. Of course what makes this so powerful is that you can edit these playbooks to fit your team. (See the part about saving you time above)

This new section will cater to high school coaches, youth football coaches and of course flag football coaches too. FastBreak PlayBook will also get in on the action as we offer you complete basketball playbooks you can edit in the Find a PlayBook area.

Starting to get the picture? Once again many of you have requested this so we are pumped here at FirstDown PlayBook and FastBreak PlayBook to offer it. We will gradually begin to install the complete playbooks over the coming months so keep your head on a swivel. This should be fun.

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