A Team Membership Let’s Your Staff Help You

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 10, 2023

There are more and more high school and college football coaches signing up for a FirstDown PlayBook Team Membership. This is for good reason. Slowly but surely coaches have begun to spread the word about the common sense benefits a Team account provides for the frugal Head Coach and Athletic Director.

The one week free trial is where most head coaches become convinced about just how much help FirstDown PlayBook Team membership an over worked, underpaid football staff. Seasoned head coaches understand that staff retention is a thing. Assistant coaches become frustrated when the job becomes unnecessarily harder because a head coach won’t provide the tools to get the work done.

New! Athletic Department Packages! Combine Football & Basketball Team Memberships

A veteran all of fame high school coach once told us, “I lose a lot more coaches to wives than I ever do to other jobs”. Makes sense when you think about it. If a Head Coach can invest $700 a year in a coaching tool that makes everyone better, it’s a no brainer. Also remember that there are no limits to the number of coaches and players you can put on.

FirstDown PlayBook Offers A Free One Week Trial To High School Coaches

We have a free trial out there for anyone. However; we offer an extended free trial for high school, college and professional coaches. Why? Well, read the paragraph above. Coaching at these levels is a different commitment in our opinion. If you are a high school Head Coach you need time to let your staff see it.

FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids

We had a funny question the other day from a young customer. They asked “How do you know who is a high school coach and who isn’t?”. I think we blew their mind a little when I said “We call them and actually talk to them”. What a concept, huh? So yeah, if you are a high school or college coach, we will contact you to make sure you are who you say you are before putting you on a one week free trial.

Organize Your Staff & Team With FirstDown PlayBook Team Membership

At the end of the day, a FirstDown PlayBook Team Membership gives your staff the keys to the car too. This way they can help you. A Single User Membership is great but the true value is when you make your entire staff better with the same tool that you have. This all comes with no contract too. FirstDown PlayBook even offers 6 month memberships to help you with your payments.

One question that we have received several times over the past month is about roles and permissions. In other words, how to give your assistant coaches the roles and permissions they need to draw and edit just like you can.

FDPB Tech: Flip Your Play Or Just Part Of It

This is very simple and easy to do. Watch this video and you will have your entire football staff using FirstDown PlayBook in minutes. This means your feeder programs too. That way they with the same power you have in a click or two.