How You Coach…Teach Football Matters

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 13, 2023
Never Lose Your Work

When you communicate with someone these days, you have to be on point. You had better be able to get your message across clearly and concisely. If not, in a matter of seconds you have lost the attention of your audience. When you teach football you don’t get a pass either.

It’s just the way it is. You in fact, will read about maybe three paragraphs here before you will glaze over and move onto something else. If you think your players are any different when you coach them you are delusional.

Your players come into your meetings and practice having just experienced all the world has to offer them with technology. They have spent their day glued to attention grabbing screens on their smartphones.

You are not going to throw up some rudimentary black and white football play drawings and keep their attention. Truth be known, you are negligent if you try to. It is a direct reflection of you and how you teach football. There may have been a time when the tools a coach needed to teach like this were out of reach. that is not the case anymore. This means you too flag football coaches.

FirstDown PlayBook enables you to create playbooks, installations, game plans and practice cards that your Gen Z players will actually want to look at. That means when they are out of your school building too.

What makes FirstDown PlayBook different and how do we do it better than anyone else?

Well, yes there is a financial investment on our part that others are not willing to make but it goes much deeper than that. FirstDown PlayBook has coached football at the highest level and what we have done is give you NFL technology at high school football prices.

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We have enabled every high school football coach to teach football just like NFL and college coaches do it. In fact some of the technology FirstDown PlayBook offers you is better than what they have. This is why you should take a free look if you are a high school or college football coach.

Chad Johnson