PlayBook Tech Athletics Department Package

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 16, 2023

We are PlayBook Tech. Yes, you know us by FirstDown PlayBook and recently as FastBreak PlayBook too. As we have grown, we have taken on a name that includes what we are doing and of course what we are going to do in the future. Today is a big step. Our brand new Athletics Department Package allows you to combine our two powerful playbook resources.

You can do this at discounted prices too. This will allow FirstDown PlayBook and FastBreak PlayBook team account owners to take advantage of discounts when both the football and basketball teams at your school use PlayBook Tech.

We know that there can be a lot of crossover with basketball and football coaches in any given high school. If you are an assistant football coach who is the head coach or involved with basketball, this is your chance to grow your school in the right direction with this new Athletics Department Package.

As you would imagine, the price is right. FirstDown PlayBook and now FastBreak PlayBook have made it plain that we will be the most affordable quality playbook offering out there. When you combine these two for the Athletics Department package it’s a no brainer. You can save your athletic department up to $200 a year with this package. This will improve the quality of your practice prep for both sports.

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The New Athletics Department Package Offers Your Program Three Options

  • 1 Football & 1 Basketball Team
  • 2 BasketBall Teams
  • 1 Football & 2 Basketball Teams

We have set the Athletics Department Package up for girls/boys and women/men programs. It is pretty straight forward. You just choose what you want and get started. Girls/Womens Flag Football? Your deal is the best of all. If your school is on a Team account you get your account (totally separate) for free

We understand that not all basketball coaches and football coaches go to lunch every day. It would be wise for the gridiron and hardwood leaders to at least have lunch one time for this. Look here to the see how much money you can save. Your Athletic Director will be happy.

One last thing on the way out. If you are a youth director who is in charge of basketball and football programs in your neighborhood, this is for you too. We can set your youth programs up with this Athletics Department Package Too.

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