No Contract Team Memberships

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 10, 2022

The FirstDown PlayBook model is a simple one. We like it that way and we think you do too. We have Single User memberships. This is where one coach can become a member. That coach still has access to all the plays and technology that a Team membership has. Of course a Team membership is designed for your entire staff, all of your players and even your feeder programs. Here’s another thing…There are no contracts involved.

The FirstDown PlayBook Team memberships are for one year. At the end of that one year, you make the decision to carry it over to the next year. You are not locked into a three or five year contract. Let’s face it, your budget, your staff and your football team change every year. FirstDown PlayBook gets that.

Regardless of if you have a Single User membership or a Team membership, we simple let you know when you have one month remaining on your subscription. If you have a Team membership, you can make that decision to continue or to not renew. Pretty simple huh?

FirstDown PlayBook Has No Contracts & Has Not Raised Prices In 4 Years

FirstDown PlayBook also has not raised the price of a team membership in the four years that we have had them available. The quality of the technology and football content we offer you has improved exponentially, but at no extra cost to you or your football team. Starting to see why FirstDown PlayBook has exploded over the past three years?

Your AD Called About Your PlayBook Pricing…

This “No Contract” policy is just an extension of how we market and sell FirstDown PlayBoo too. The short story is that we don’t. We don’t sell you with show you with a free trial. It is a model that has served us (and you) well over the past several years.

So while you are in San Antonio at the AFCA convention, stop by booth 516 and ask us about our Team memberships. You won’t hear the word contract mentioned and the reason for that is simple. We don’t have them.