Your AD Called About Your PlayBook Pricing

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 25, 2022
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FirstDown PlayBook doesn’t talk a lot about pricing. We would rather focus on the product and the problems we help football coaches solve. However, we want to take this moment to point out that the FirstDown PlayBook pricing is very simple.

We are proud of what we offer because we understand the value it brings you, your team and even your family. (Hint. You get to spend more time with them) After we show head coaches what we offer with FirstDown PlayBook we often get asked the question..”Coach How much?” We turn the question back around on them We ask “How much do you think?”

We almost always get some number like $1,500, $3,000 or even $20,000. You know why we get that? It’s because that is what you are used to. That is what some football programs are paying or overpaying.

FirstDown PlayBook’s Full Team Membership is $700 per year. Yes, let’s repeat that. You can have a FirstDown PlayBook Team account for $700 a year. That is for you, your staff, your entire football team and even your feeder programs. We have not raised our prices in 4-5 years. Find that elsewhere.

FirstDown PlayBook Does Not Lock You Into A Contract Either

Whoa whoa whoa, coach. How can that be? It’s a pure and simple fact. Now, if you are going to compare your football playbook pricing, you are going to want to compare your football playbook too, right? Way ahead of you. We let everyone on the planet take a free look at FirstDown PlayBook. If you are a high school football coach who is interested, it is even better. We offer you a special extended look.

Take Free Look At FirstDown PlayBook To Compare Quality & Price

Once again, our football playbook pricing formula is pretty simple. Take a free look at FirstDown PlayBook and see the value of FirstDown PlayBook vs others. We are sure they must offer a free look at their football playbook too right? Right?

So, before we head out the door for today, we want to let you see all of our football pricing. Click on Chad Johnson’s or Cameron Cox’s banner above to look at the full list of FirstDown PlayBook pricing.

FirstDown PlayBook has a saying. “We don’t sell you. We show you.” Maybe we should add…we save you…$$$. Get ready to save money and get a football coaches football playbook.