Youth Football Veer Option

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 16, 2022
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FirstDown PlayBook tries to be very careful when it comes to what we recommend for a youth football coach. More often than not we see over zealous suggestions on installations that only look good on paper. When the youth football coach gets to the field, it is a whole different thing. Please keep this in mind as we introduce this youth football veer option that uses your receiver as the pitch player.

The play itself is not ground breaking by any stretch of the imagination. It is a simple dive or veer option that can be run several different ways, depending on your players’ maturity and talent level. Option football is always defined by the offensive coach and players. What we mean by that is that just because a play looks like an option does not mean that the quarterback has all of the options.

A well coached defense is going to be forced to defend what they see unless they are going to gamble that your quarterback will not pitch the ball. This is why we go out on a limb with this youth football veer option. You may want to run it initially and pre-determine it as a dive play or a quarterback keep play. As your youth football quarterback becomes more comfortable with the play, you can progress.

How You Run This Youth Football Veer Option Is Up To You

How far you progress is up to you. You could give your quarterback permission to read the dive key. When you do this your quarterback knows that the option is to either hand the ball off or keep it. If you advance any further than this with a youth football quarterback, be careful. The pitch read has caused many a college quarterback to lay the football on the ground and that is never good.

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So with all of the caution being preached to you, why do we suggest this youth football veer option? Well, it’s not exactly a trick play but the veer option is a good fundamental football play to teach responsibility football. The blocking scheme up front is very basic. Your players just need to understand who you are reading and who you are blocking. You will find different versions of this play throughout the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity and Youth Football sections.

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Just keep in mind that on this particular veer option you have your receiver as the pitch player. Make sure you rep this play multiple times in practice before breaking it out on game day! So take a look at the video below and as always you can find this play and thousands of others blocked vs multiple defenses in FirstDown PlayBook.

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