2 Back Slot Power (Protect Your Backside)

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 25, 2022
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FirstDown PlayBook has installed another way to run a youth football power this week. The formation we used was our 2 Back Slot formation which brings some advantages blocking this play on the front side. What we want to focus on today, however, is how to block the backside of this 2 Back Slot Power.

One of the most common mistakes we see with youth football run blocking is that the coach does not protect the backside of the play. The focus is totally on the play side point of attack. Often times a defender or defenders are left unblocked. This results in the play getting run down and destroyed before it ever gets started.

There is a real danger of this happening on today’s FirstDown PlayBook 2 Back Slot Power installation. That is if you don’t plan for it. Many youth football defenses will load the box with defenders. This is smart because odds are your quarterback cannot dominate throwing the football. Their obvious objective is to stop the run. Defensive coaches know this too.

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When this happens, most blocking schemes still give you a chance to execute the run. You must know where the one defender is lined up who cannot be blocked. The obvious way to account for this is with additional tight ends and fullbacks. There are a lot of FirstDown PlayBook formations that fit this category. Today’s 2 Back Slot Power formation does not.

You can still run this football play. It just means that you and your quarterback need to understand how to account for the unblocked defender should that become a problem. If that unblocked backside defender plays wide and is responsible for contain, this may never even be an issue. If the backside defender is crashing down the line of scrimmage and making the play then this video looks at two or three solutions.

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