All 22 Tuesday: Auburn Option Quarterback Keep

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 3, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday

Any time you look up and see a quarterback running unabated around the edge of a Georgia Bulldog defense for massive yardage you have to say “How?”. This Auburn trap option quarterback keeper created just that situation a few times this past Saturday. That’s why we are featuring it on this week’s FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday even though Auburn lost the game.

This is usually the point when the option blue bloods want to start theorizing whether the quarterback read it or it was a called quarterback keep. Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we are calling it an option quarterback keep all the way. Can the play be read? Of course, but the path of the two pullers gives it away when you have the remote in your hand.

We Have To Believe This All 22 Tuesday Play Was Called From The Pressbox

Auburn actually had another thing in their favor. The Georgia defense was in a six man front and pinching inside. Our guess is that they were daring Auburn to throw the ball. The Tigers have been struggling in that department. So when the ball was snapped, you see this six man front all stepping inside to fill the interior gaps.

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So for you coaches who think the quarterback was reading the end man on the line of scrimmage, it is a moot point, because this ball was getting pulled regardless. Now back to the two pullers though. Both of them did a great job of bluffing the trap blocks inside out, only to wrap around to the perimeter. #2 the Georgia end man on the line of scrimmage really had no choice but to play the dive back based on the two trap blocks coming at him.

One of the trappers eventually sealed the inside linebacker and the other got up on the free safety. When your puller gets up on the free safety you know you have a good football play. That’s exactly what Auburn had 60 yards later down the field and that’s why this is our All 22 Tuesday play of the week.

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Auburn Trap Option QB Keeper
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