Tons Of Trick Plays In “Find A Play”

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 26, 2023
Never Lose Your Work

For a football coach and a player there is some of that element, but there is a bit more to it. Trick plays are normally designed to use a defensive player’s coaching against themselves. In other words, a defensive player is drilled over and over to expect this to happen if that happens. Maybe they are drilled that a specific play is coming when you see this specific look.

The very best players in the world are students of the game. They study opponent tendencies for hours and hours. They don’t just want to play their position well, they want to know what is coming at them before it happens. When they see a tip or a key, these defenders are looking for an edge.

Offensive Coordinators Love To Make Cheaters Pay With Trick Plays

Some defenders are even considered cheaters. What we mean by that is that they go to Vegas on some plays. They play the odds that a certain look is going to be a certain play. When they get that look, they sell out to make a big play. Offensive coordinators hate these players and go out of their way to expose them with a trick play and make them pay with an explosive offensive play.

FirstDown PlayBook Trick Plays

This brings us back to the love of trick plays. When we were in the NFL or college football, there used to always be one coach responsible for trick plays. This one from Florida State vs LSU should be illegal. That coach would catalog all of our trick plays and also draw up, and save video clips, of any new tricks we would see on video or TV.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we never forgot that, because we were actually that coach most of the time. That’s why we made it a priority to have a huge catalog of trick plays in FirstDown PlayBook. We have trick plays in our youth football section. We have them in our flag football section and obviously we have tons of trick plays in our varsity section. Let’s also not to forget about fakes and tricks in the Special Teams area.

Today we have created a short video that shows you how you can get to these plays and edit them for your team. That is if you are a FirstDown Playbook coach. If you are not then you should seriously take a free trial. So many coaches are understanding that FirstDown PlayBook is serious when we say we are by coaches, for coaches.

Alex Van Pelt