We Draw Your PlayBook Better & Faster Than You

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 6, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook Has Over 35,000 Plays

It’s true. We can draw your playbook better and faster than you can. We can sit down right now and draw one of your defenses up in about 10-20% of the time it takes you. That’s saying something, when you think about the fact that we don’t even know what defense you run.

How can that be possible? Well, two things contribute to making this possible. The first thing is that FirstDown PlayBook has already drawn up over 10,000 different defensive combinations for our coaches.

This is what happens when actual football coaches (NFL coaches by the way) are in charge of your playbook content. If your playbook provider has no coaches in their building, you will not get this. Before we elaborate more please understand we can draw your practice cards better and faster too.

We Bet We Can Draw Your PlayBook Better & Faster Than You

Our FirstDown PlayBook coaches understand that defense is always about adjusting to the offensive formation. That’s why we match every base defense up vs 27 formations. This means unbalanced formations too. We also do this with five different coverages behind the defensive front. So if you are doing the math at home you just realized that there are 135 different versions of every FirstDown PlayBook Varsity defense. Here is an example of a 4-3 Under right here.

Are you starting to get the picture of why we can draw your playbook better and faster than you can? Unless you already have your defenses organized in a template or stencil area like you can on FirstDown PlayBook, you have no chance. We will have the complete defense AND offense up before you get 5 players on your paper or computer.

FirstDown PlayBook Has Even Made Coaching Notes Easy

Will your defense have some uniqueness to it that requires us to edit a little? Of course, but that’s the second reason we can draw your playbook better and faster than you. FirstDown PlayBook allows us (and you) to edit every play in our vast database. All of these plays and defenses are built football smart so they are easy to find and edit.

So take a look at the defense below as an example. You will also notice there are player assignments with this play. You can edit these as well. It’s just one more thing of many that you get with FirstDown PlayBook that allows you to draw your playbook better and faster than you are right now. As the old saying goes… “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”

Call Side End Alignment: 4 Technique.

Key: Offensive Guard.

Run: B Gap.

Pass: Two Way Go Pass Rush Vs The Guard.

Nose Alignment: 0 Technique.

Key: Away Side Guard.

Run: Away Side A Gap.

Pass: A Gap Pass Rush.

Repeat After Me: You Can Edit FDPB Plays

Away Side End Alignment: 4 Technique.

Key: Open End Side: Tackle Or Tight End If One Is Present.

Run: C Gap.

Pass: Contain Pass Rush.

Will LB Alignment: Hip 

To see the rest of the defense coaching points and player assignments for this defense and thousands of others click on the drawing above.