Football Coaching Notes Made Easy

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 8, 2023
Never Lose Your Work

I hate typing. Unfortunately I find myself typing a lot. I am not talking about this blog I am writing. I am talking about the football coaching notes I type in daily. As much as we love play drawings here at FirstDown PlayBook, we understand that you have to have assignment rules for the players.

When you are talking about defense, it is the traditional key points to teach. Alignment, assignment and keys are essentials. Your receivers need to know their split, release and route depth. Linebackers want their triangle keys and quarterbacks…don’t even get us started. So yes, drawings are only a part of coaching.

The FirstDown PlayBook Football Coaching Notes Is A Game Changer

What we are getting at here is that it is hard to totally avoid typing football coaching notes if you are going to do a playbook the right way. FirstDown PlayBook has once again taken a lot of the pain out of this. The FirstDown PlayBook Notes Template section allows you to save an entire page of player assignments and coaching points. This way you can quickly and easily use the template again later.

Let’s face it. If you are running your Gun Wing T play from a 2×2 and also a 3×1 there are only so many edits to make on the player assignments. In fact, there may be none for the offensive line. So why should you have to retype all of those notes again? Why should you even have to copy and paste? FirstDown PlayBook makes it easy for you.

When you look at it this, it all gets back to what FirstDown PlayBook does for coaches. We save you time. You can present your game plan in a professional manner and it does not take a lot of time to do it. If you don’t think your players notice…you are kidding yourself. It is always the forgotten things that eat up your time and typing coaching points and player assignments are near or at the top of that list for football coaches. Take a look at this 60 second video to learn more.

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook