Better Scout Team Cards In Less Time

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 25, 2023
Never Lose Your Work

Scout team cards or practice cards are normally looked at as a necessary evil. There are several different camps on how to approach group and team practice periods.

There is the camp where the young coaches are responsible for this because, after all, they will be running the scout team in practice. This usually involves a lot of checking with the veterans on the staff as to avoid embarrassment and butt chewings during the actual practice.

The Coach Who Is Sure He Draws The Best Scout Team Cards…

Then there is the camp where there is a position coach who is totally convinced that Nick Saban could not draw a scout team card as well as he could. For this reason, he spends a large chunk of his day secluded in his office creating what he believes are masterpiece scout team cards. This can even be at the expense of spending extra time actually teaching his players the game plan that week.

Practice Cards? Who Needs Them?

The third group is the worst though. This group of coaches will scoff at the notion that scout team cards are needed at all. They just line the scout team up prior to each play and waste valuable practice time as they do it. The fact that they only get five plays run in a ten minute period doesn’t seem to phase them. There is also the obvious fact that if scout team cards were not unnecessary, NFL and college teams wouldn’t use them. Yes, practice cards are indeed a necessary evil, like it or not.

The key for any head football coach or coordinator is how do you best manage your practice preparation? How do you ensure that you are going to get a good look from your scout teams and not sacrifice something or somewhere else? As with many things in coaching, there needs to be a plan and a system.

Regardless Of Your Approach To Scout Team Cards, We Make Everything Easier

Regardless of who or how many coaches are designated to draw practice cards, FirstDown PlayBook can drastically help them. Your practices will be more organized. The scout teams will give you better looks. Here is the real kicker. You will not have to sacrifice something else about your game preparation. This is only the tip of the iceberg too.

FirstDown PlayBook has added so many things that it does to help a football staff. Instead of being just a playbook resource for a staff it is more like a tool that allows you to manage your program and game prep from A to Z. This means video pairing too. Still there is no denying that our ability to help you seamlessly make your scout team cards is often how football staffs get started with FirstDown PlayBook.

These Practice Cards Look Better Than Yours. Don’t Believe It? Tap Here Or On The Play To See.

When you use FirstDown PlayBook for practice card drawing it’s not about drawing anymore. It’s about tweaking.  You quickly find the cards and/or plays you are looking for and then make the needed tweaks and you’re done. That’s offense, defense and special teams too, by the way.

The icing on the cake is that these cards look better than your cards. They just do. Don’t believe us? Tap on this play drawing to get a twelve play sample of how your practice cards can look this season and in a small fraction go the time.

Scout Team or Practice Cards Made Easy

When your coaches move on to another job and you need to get new coaches ready, you still have your scout team card library. There is no limit on space storage with FirstDown PlayBook. As we sign off, we want to get back to our original point. Better scout team cards in less time means that your coaching staff can focus on other important areas of your program too.