Spread Wing T QB Quick Belly Install

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 28, 2023
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We just want to update you real quick on the latest FirstDown PlayBook installation. The Spread Wing T QB Quick Belly is now ready to go in the “Find A Play” section. This is only one play from a series of Wing T style belly plays we have installed.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we understand that the sheer volume of plays makes it necessary to review every now and then about how to get to them. When it comes to the Wing T, we have been drawing these plays up for a decade now. There are always new flavors that show up as coaches expand. When we see that, we draw it up for you so you do not have to.

As we have mentioned before, we have been at this so long now that this fall we will begin to provide complete playbooks or systems. This will be called “Find A PlayBook”. Full disclosure, we are running behind on the development with this, but you will have it before you crank up in the summer.

In the meantime though, we are continuing to draw up a large majority of what will be in some of these playbooks. With the growing popularity of the Spread Wing T system, it will be one of the first playbooks we release. You can find the majority of these plays right now if you want. This video does a good job of showing you several ways to do this. Also note that we will continue to install other plays like this Duo package.

Why Is Your Football PlayBook So Hard To Use?

As always, FirstDown PlayBook takes a play like the QB Quick Belly and draws it up against multiple defenses. We also draw them up vs the middle of the field open and closed. We understand that not every play draws up well vs every defense. That’s half the reason we do it. So you can see what it looks like, good and bad. This is an important tool for defensive coaches too.

Of course you can then choose what you like and edit what you don’t. Never forget why FirstDown PlayBook has existed for eleven years. We draw plays, playbooks, defenses and special teams schemes so you do not have to. We are “Coach Driven” and we listen to what you tell us you need. You have consistently said “More Time”. FirstDown PlayBook can help you with that. Enjoy the short video.

Gerry Gallagher